About Electronic Ceramics Introduction

About Electronic Ceramics Introduction

Electronic ceramics refer to ceramics that can utilize electrical and magnetic properties in the electronics industry. Electronic ceramics are ceramics with new functions that are finally obtained through precise control of the surface, grain boundaries and dimensional structure. It can be widely used in energy, household appliances, automobiles, etc.

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Zhejiang Weilan Hangdun Precision Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced ceramic manufacturer specializing in production, research and development and sales in China. The company has a well-trained professional technical team with core technologies of precision ceramics such as ceramic substrates, structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Committed to the development and sales of high-quality alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride and other advanced ceramics, including ceramic substrates, IC packaging substrates, LED packaging substrates and high-strength structural ceramics.

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Dielectric ceramics are widely used in the manufacture of integrated circuit substrates due to their high strength, low dielectric loss, heat resistance, and stability. For example, beryllium oxide, aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and silicon carbide can be widely used as ceramic materials for integrated circuit substrates. Among them, beryllium oxide limits its use due to complex manufacturing process, high toxicity and high cost; and the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide Although it is superior to alumina, and the high-performance substrate made by hot pressing method can still meet practical requirements at about 200 degrees Celsius, its development is also limited due to the complex hot pressing sintering process and toxic additives; nitrogen Although the other electrical properties of aluminum are roughly equivalent to those of alumina ceramics, its thermal conductivity is about 10 times that of alumina ceramics, so it is very likely to become the next-generation high-quality substrate material for VLSI.

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Electroceramics, category of advanced ceramic materials that are employed in a wide variety of electric, optical, and magnetic applications.

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Our company has been engaged in high-purity alumina (99.99%) for more than 20 years, mastering the core technology of alumina powder from the source, coupled with sophisticated production technology, so as to provide users with high-quality, cost-effective high-purity alumina Related Products.

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