99 Alumina Bulletproof Cerâmica

99 Alumina Bulletproof Cerâmica

Bulletproof Alumina  Ceramics

Chinese name:Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics
English nameBulletproof Aluminum Oxide 
Main ingredientsAl2O3

Manufacturing process: After turning Fine Alumina Powder into ultra-fine Alumina Powder by multiple grinding and dispersing , we have manufactured our Advanced Bulletproof Alumina ceramic materials through pressing molding, high temperature sintering .

氧化铝含量Al2O3  Purity
抗折强度 Bending strength
冲击韧性 Impact toughness
弹性模量 Modulus of elasticity
WELA-S 3-30 99.8 3.91 ≥1800 380 2.2 380
WELA-1 3-30 99.5 3.90 1550 380 2.2 320
WELA-2 3-30 99 3.88 1500 350 2.2 320
WELA-3 3-30 98 3.80 ≥1400 320 2.2 300
Product shape and specifications: We have square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, polygon, single - double spherical ball type, etc, whose thickness range is from 3mm to 30mm, and customized design and manufacturing are also available!
Bulletproof Alumina ceramic technology equality indexes
Customized sizes are also available!99 Alumina Bulletproof Ceramic
1. Alumina ceramics features excellent insulation, small high-frequency loss but good high-frequency insulation.
2.Featuring heat resistance, alumina ceramics boasts small coefficient of thermal expansion, high mechanical strength and good thermal conductivity,etc.
3, Alumina ceramics owns the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance and molten gold properties,etc.
4, With the excellent property of being non-flammable,solid and rustproof, alumina ceramics has outmatched other organic materials and metal materials .
5, With abrasive resistance, alumina ceramics also enjoys the level nine of Moh hardness( the same with corundum), which is parallel to super hard alloy.
In terms of hardness, alumina ceramics far exceeds the wear resistant steel and stainless steel except diamond.
1.In regard of abrasive resistance,alumina ceramics is 266 times better than  manganese steel and 171.5 times better than of high-chromium cast iron. What is more, under the same working conditions, the service life of alumina ceramics can be at least ten times longer than the above two items.
2. The density of alumina ceramics is 3.7~ 3.98g /cm3 ,therefore, its weight is only 50% of steel, which means the load of alumina ceramics is much less.
Alumina ceramics are widely adopted in the fields like machinery, optical fiber, cutting tools, medical, food, chemical, aerospace and etc, including the common products: ceramic seal, valve seat, pump body and mechanical parts, engine parts, electrical insulation in high temperature and high voltage insulator, electronic components and substrates, body armor, bearing, wear or corrosion resistant lining, semiconductor components, integrated circuit chip ceramic substrates, laser cavity, plate, sand blasting nozzle, cutting tools, microwave components, no friction clutch, high-temperature kiln furniture, etc.
Alumina ceramics boasts high hardness, high strength, abrasive resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and other superior characteristics. When resisting bullet impact, metal materials will produce plastic deformation and absorb energy, while ceramics almost does not produce plastic deformation, and passivate or even break the warhead by relying on their high strength and hardness . In the case of a strong impact from a warhead, the alumina bulletproof ceramic absorbs the high energy of the high-speed warhead while crushing itself, thus the damage of the warhead to the body or object would be much reduced.
Application: Ceramic materials can achieve both protective ability and the pursuit of individual combat portability when adopted by body armor.as the most common bulletproof ceramic materials, alumina ceramics is much cheaper while meeting the requirements of bulletproof material compared with silicon carbide ceramic.
Alumina bulletproof ceramics are widely adopted as protective armor in the fields like body armor, military vehicles, battle tanks, helicopter gunships, military aircraft, armored vehicles and etc.99 Alumina Bulletproof Ceramic


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